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Mathew and Rachel Dimbleby are inspired by their passion for ceramic design and painting. Having both grown up in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire with its rich heritage of making high quality ceramics, the ethos for the company was clear from the start: to create high quality products that can be enjoyed anywhere in the home.


They have combined their talents and knowledge to design and make unique ceramic gifts which feature the watercolour illustrations of Rachel Dimbleby. These exquisite illustrations are inspired by friends and family's animals, as well as the wildlife from the wood at the back of the couple’s studio, with each piece having a story to tell.


As well as the animal and wildlife ranges, Dimbleby Ceramics produces a range of decorative hangings with wording or images. Each piece is finished with ribbon and a charm-style bead. We really do have a gift for every occasion, including weddings, birthdays and the arrival of a new baby. Dimbleby Ceramics also offers a bespoke personalisation service on request.


All of the products are made using locally sourced materials and each product is proudly created using traditional techniques and handcrafted skills.

If you are interested in learning to make your own ceramics, then go to our Workshop page and find out how!